The Second monthly joint meeting of ESG and Ain Shams

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The Egyptian Society for the Glaucomas (E.S.G.) was registered on 23rd October, 2000
as a non-governmental Society, interested in the field of glaucoma as an educational body,
both for doctors and patients in order to raise the standard of knowledge about this disease
and improve ways of treatment by supplying  the necessary recommendations for the
appropriate lines of treatment  to be made available to general doctors.

The interest of this Society is mainly educational, for the purpose of informing young doctors
and patients alike, about this enigmatic disease.
Our aim is to change the working practice of new doctors joining the Specialty of
Ophthalmology with an interest in the sub-specialty, Glaucoma.

Tools  to achieve our goal include hands on training, lectures, seminars and symposia together
with panel discussions for doctors to present them with skills in glaucoma management.

Tour of Egypt by the Board:
The Board of the Society have toured Egypt from North to South, having addressed doctors at
twenty meetings and have held six main Congresses.
Tel. & Fax: (+202) 2268 3783
Email :
Post  officde Box:  144 Mohamed Farid, Cairo, Egypt
Last updated : 29 October 2017